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Kanchanaburi is a province that has always associated with wars. Since Ayuthaya Period, we have fought with our neighbor, Myanmar, for so many times. But the most remarkable war this province has experienced was the Great Eastern Asian War (World War 2). At that time the Japanese troops forced a passage through Kanchanaburi, since they needed to build a railway to Myanmar in order to transport support and weapons. From that particular event, many war captives were killed by maltreatment, hard work and diseases. Now, Kanchanaburi has returned to the peaceful state again. Although the bridge was not successfully built to Myanmar, it is the very evidence of war and tragic history that becomes a very significant tourist attraction

Introduce Hotels : Felixe River Kwai, Xen Hideaway, Pavilion Rimkwai, Comsaed River Kwai
Introduce Program Tour : Including the history of state Railway Route


The Bridge Over the River Kwai
Internationally famous, thanks to several motion pictures and books, the black iron bridge was brought from Java by the Japanese Army and reassembled under Japanese supervision by Allied prisoners of war labour as part of the 'Death Railway' linking Thailand with Myanmar.


The JEATH War Museum
This enclave in the riverside precincts of Wat Chaichumphon has been constructed largely in the form of an Allied prisoners of war camp. The name JEATH is derived from Japan, England, America, Australia, Thailand, and Holland.


War Museum


The museum, located near the River Kwai Bridge, displays the collection of weapons, tools and utensils of the Allied prisoners of war and Japanese soldiers during the Second World War.
The Kanchanaburi War Cemetery
On Saeng Chuto Road, opposite the railway station, it contains the remains of 6,982 prisoners of war who perished during the construction of the "Death Railway".


Wat Tham Mankhon Thong
Situated 4 kilometers from town on the bank of the Kwai Noi River. It is well known for the incredible performance of the nun floating in a deep pool. There is a small museum where a variety of ancient objects found in the area are on display.


Wat Pa Lelai
This monastery is 18 kilometers away from the provincial capital. It is located at Tambon Lat Ya which once was an ancient border town involved in battles between the Thai and the Burmese during the Ayutthaya period to the early Bangkok period. Another nearby temple called Wat Khun Phaen houses a ruined pagoda dating back to the early Ayutthaya period.